Why World Domination in Indirect Procurement Might Come from VMS Pierre Mitchell - spendmatters.com

If I were the CEO of a VMS solution I’d definitely think hard about building or buying a catalog management vendor.

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Zica vs. Zika Sohrab Darabshaw - metalminer.com

Tata Motors will have to rename its new compact car after a deadly virus was given the same name.

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Why Services Firms are Developing Successful Procurement Technology Applications — and Why You Should Sometimes Consider Them

Services firms developing solutions that can compete on the basic feature and function level with specific vendor applications.

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Supplier Risk and Compliance as a Managed Service: Global Risk Management Services (GRMS)

This brief offers our perspective on how GRMS’ capabilities compare to and complement supplier management technology platforms and other providers.

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Global Risk Management Solutions (GRMS): Supplier Onboarding

Global Risk Management Solutions (GRMS) has carved out a valuable niche targeting procurement organizations.

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